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== Install and Uninstall ==
== Install and Uninstall ==
Download the certificate: https://magireco.moe/static/inactive_ca.crt  '''Ensure HTTPS is active'''
Download the certificate: https://magireco.moe/static/yume_CyAn.crt  '''Ensure HTTPS is active'''
=== Android / emulator ===
=== Android / emulator ===
# A lock-screen passcode or other ways of screen lock must be set up prior to installing;
# A lock-screen passcode or other ways of screen lock must be set up prior to installing;

2019年7月14日 (日) 17:52的最新版本

This page is an installation guide for the Enkan no Kiroku self-signed certificate.


Digital certificates are issued by trusted certificate authorities (CA's) and are used to proof the identity of servers when establishing HTTPS connections. Your operating system comes with a list of trusted CA's, and digital certificates issued by them are automatically trusted when used in HTTPS. Therefore, if we need to hijack the game's HTTPS connection, a self-signed certificate must be used, because no regular CA's will issue a certificate for forging another server's identity.

To avoid repeatedly installing different certificates, we signed a self-signed root (CA) certificate to issue certificates for our services, so you may use all these services once the root certificate is installed. However, please pay attention that in case if our key got stolen, it could be used to issue certificates to forge other servers' identities and attack those who had our root certificate installed. Therefore, the safest way of use is to only install the root certificate when you need it and uninstall it immediately after use; also, you should avoid sensitive activities (such as online banking) while you have our root certificate installed.


The self-signed root certificate issued by us must be installed in order to use some services we provide. When not using, the root certificate may be uninstalled.

Install and Uninstall

Download the certificate: https://magireco.moe/static/yume_CyAn.crt Ensure HTTPS is active

Android / emulator

  1. A lock-screen passcode or other ways of screen lock must be set up prior to installing;
  2. Open the crt file, and provide a label you'd like when the certificate installation screen pops up;
    • If an "unable to read" error occurs when directly opening the file, please go into the security settings and allow installing certificates from an SD card.
  3. After successful install, please open "trusted certificates" in settings, and verify the certificate information.
    • The uninstall option is also here.


  1. Open the certificate download link with Safari, and select "Allow" when you are prompted "This website is trying to open Settings to show you a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?"
  2. After successful install, certificate information can be found under "Profiles" in "Settings" -- "General", and you can verify it here.
    • The uninstall option is also here.
  3. Go to "Settings" -- "General" -- "About" -- "Certificate Trust Settings", and set "inactive_virus" to be completely trusted.

Certificate Details

The following listing contains the necessary information to verify our root certificate. We suggest you to compare these fields thoroughly right after installation in order to ensure the validity of the certificate. If you found any mismatches, please uninstall immediately and report to us.

Country / Region = CN
Locality = Beijing
Organization = YuanHuanJiLu_GongLveZu
Organization Unit = Admin
Common Name = inactive_virus
Email = inactive0v0@magireco.moe

Serial Number = 00 CC C8 99 C2 3D 55 09 FB
Valid Period = 2018/5/3 - 2019/5/3